Should the belly go in, or out?

This is often a point of confusion. The belly needs to expand when taking a deep breath, and it cannot do so if one is “holding it in”. Once the inhalation is complete, the inner muscles (not the outer 6-pack muscles) are the prime source of breath support and power. The great tenor, Enrico Caruso, […]

A novel vocal technique

Is there anything truly “new under the sun”, vocally?  No.  But there are new combinations and synthesis of ideas that can make all the difference. I learned of a technique to help voices with “bowed vocal cords” from Dr. Robert Bastian, whom I had the privilege of observing at his clinic just outside of Chicago, […]

Drugs and Singers

Drugs and Singers As tempting as it would be to talk about the craziness of the Rock & Roll lifestyle, those aren’t the kind of drugs to which I refer. It’s the kind prescribed or suggested by your doctor, both the general practitioner as well as the ENT (ear, nose and throat specialist). As a […]

Art of Singing Onstage and in Studio

My friend and colleague, Jennifer Hamady, explores the roadblocks and solutions to the behind-the-scenes issues faced by singers in her 3rd book, The Art of Singing Onstage and in the Studio. “No matter how fantastic your voice is or how much money is behind you, if you don’t know how to work with recording and […]

Open Throat methods in contemporary music

The opposite of a tight and strained throat is an Open Throat. The Open Throat is relaxed and allows the proper use of the breath support system to generate rich, full sound – especially on high notes. The experts of the Open Throat are the world class Opera singers. But what if you do not […]

“Winterize” your voice

If you live in a more northerly clime the onset of winter can have a profound effect on your voice. As air temperatures drop the amount of water the air can hold drops as well, and this is what passes through our vocal folds with every inhalation. The dry air can draw moisture out of […]

The Mystery School of Singing

How many voice teachers have you had? Two? Twelve? Twenty? Why is it so difficult to find that one person who’s going to help you find IT, whatever IT might be? You always hear singers talk about IT as if there is a magical formula or elixer that will result in beautiful, effortless singing tones. […]

Thoughts on Singing from the great Pavarotti

Be Patient and Build a Solid Foundation “When I started serious study (age 19) I spent the first six months vocalizing only with the vowel sounds…It was not a very interesting way to spend six months, but my teacher, Arrigo Pola, believed it was essential. Over the years I have become even more convinced of […]

The Three Rs of Singing

Some people are born with their singing apparatus already aligned, and they go on to careers as fantastic vocalists. When you ask these people for singing tips they sometimes have no idea how they do it – it just comes out! And then there are the rest of us. We have the music within, but […]