Every student is different. Each student has a different set of vocal experiences, a different musical background, and his or her own physical condition related to singing.
There is no one rigid method that works for all students – methods need to be adapted to the current state of the student (and that can change from lesson to lesson)

With this in mind, it is my philosophy that it is the trainer’s job to assess and adapt to the STUDENT, not the other way around.

That being said, I follow this general path when training my students, moving them from stage to stage as it becomes apparent that their voice is ready:

  1. Opening the throat and strengthening the weaker register (this happens throughout all lessons)
  2. Co-ordinate the vocal registers using gradually more demanding exercises (vowels > consonants > words > phrases)
  3. Blend the registers, creating a new “voice” corresponding to the overlap of the two registers

Achieving balanced and blended registers is a major milestone – it can take months, but it is similar to discovering your car can not only drive on residential roads, but you can take it on the highway and really FLY!

Once the registers are blended, and depending on the student’s interests, we explore other options including:

  • Microphone techniques
  • Audio Recording techniques
  • Stage Performance
  • Prepare and record video auditions & contest entries

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