A novel vocal technique

new vocal techniqueIs there anything truly “new under the sun”, vocally?  No.  But there are new combinations and synthesis of ideas that can make all the difference.

I learned of a technique to help voices with “bowed vocal cords” from Dr. Robert Bastian, whom I had the privilege of observing at his clinic just outside of Chicago, IL.  I used this technique with an elder student who’s voice was showing signs of bowing and corrected the fault just in time for her choral audition.

I spent some time in NYC with Anat Keider, PhD who recommened I do some of these exercises myself to improve the lowest part of my voice – great advice as the males in my family have a genetic disposition towards “bowing”.

In looking through my notes from the Chicago conference of NATS, I recalled the “Queen of Scream”, Melissa Cross, using a similar technique with a rock singer to open his high notes.

With all this in mind, I began experimenting with these methods with my students and found them beneficial for all but those who had just had a vocal injury and needed healing time.

You can get some idea of these exercises at the very bottom of Dr. Bastian’s page on “Bowing of the vocal cords“, but I have adjusted them for the Singer.


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