The Technique

Cornelius L. Reid
Cornelius L. Reid

The techniques used by D. Bruce Moore came through his own coach, Mr. Glen Pierce (1911-2015), and are based to a large extent on the work of a contemporary of Mr. Pierce’s, Cornelius L. Reid. This, supplemented by Bruce’s graduate studies in Vocal Anatomy and Vocal Health, lay the foundation for this alternative, functional technique.

This approach is genre-independent – the principles apply to various styles of singing.

“In vocal training, one should divide the voice between its two natural elements – pure chest voice and small head voice. Exercise and strengthen each part separately, then join them in mixing the head voice with the chest voice”.

– from a treatise written in 1710 by the singer and professor Mancini


The Cuperto Exercise – Vocal Health

This method finds an indispensable educational tool in the exercise of the Cuperto. It is difficult for voice pupils, especially at the beginning of this specific training, to understand the utility and the benefits of the Cuperto. We have the tendency to favour the rapid “artistic” production rather than the slow maturation. Those who mold their instrument by using the Cuperto gradually notice its value because it reveals the thin edges of the vocal cords, their strengthening, and then their use at will. The vocal health and the performances of the singers are quite naturally improved.

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